© Ralitsa Doncheva

16mm Ektachrome | color | 2016 | 11 min.

cinematography & 16mm hand-processing

Erin Weisgerber & Ralitsa Doncheva

sound design & mix

Harris Shper

"Flickering light, water over film skin. the sound of the wind on the watercoloured like a sunset or a  redness that comes from the heat. you are absorbed by the light of the day walking through the window, travellers. you watch her hands linked together like an old tree, the house shaded by soft limbs of cedar.

she looks at the corner of the room, the sounds of insects and birds chirping. wasp body floats in the water, full of shadows and plant debris fallen from the sky. follow the grain of the wood with the blade of the axe, making a sound for punctuation. to live your own life, to have your own reasons and faith in them: she looks at you with the bells chiming, she says, foxes, wolves, bears, they are all different in the wild."

~ Sophia Bartholomew, A sound for Punctuation, http://thisispublicparking.com/posts/a-sound-for-punctuation

Baba Dana Talks To The Wolves is an impressionistic portrait of Baba Dana, an 85 year-old Bulgarian woman who has chosen to spend her life in a mountain, away from people and cities. Inspired by the myth of Baba Dana, the film is an intimate meditation on the time I spent living with her at the Monastery. An imaginary world, between reality and fantasy.

Made with assistance from:

The National Film Board of Canada, RIDM Talent Lab, SSHRC & FRQSC graduate fellowships.


















Ralitsa Doncheva