16mm Ektachrome film ~ hand-developed ~ color & sound ~ 11 min.

a film by Ralitsa Doncheva

cinematography & hand-processing ~ Erin Weisgerber and Ralitsa Doncheva

sound design ~ Harris Shper


Baba Dana Talks To The Wolves is an impressionistic portrait of Baba Dana, an 85 year-old Bulgarian woman who has chosen to spend her life in a mountain, away from people and cities.

made with assistance from The National Film Board of Canada, RIDM Talent Lab, Main Film, SSHRC and FRQSC graduate fellowships. 



(almost) impossible worlds, film exhibition, Dazibao, Montréal, QC



This is not poetical, group exhibition, Angoulême, France

FRACTO Film Festival, Berlin, Germany

Iowa City International Documentary Film Festival, Iowa, USA - an honorable mention

44th Athens International Film + Video Festival, Athens, USA

Panorama XP, Cinémathèque Québécoise, Montréal, QC

Montréal Strange Umbrellas, group exhibition, London, UK



Antimatter Media Art Film Festival, Victoria, BC,

Canada Northern Light, touring film program curated by Visions, Montréal, QC

54th Ann Arbor Film Festival Travel Tour, various locations

23rd Chicago Underground Film Festival, Chicago, USA

The Nightingale Cinema, The Rearview Mirror, curated by Lorenzo Gattorna, Chicago, USA

54th Ann Arbor Film Festival, USA - The Eileen Maitland Film Award

Rendez-vous Du Cinéma Québécois, Montréal, QC

Montreal International Documentary Festival (RIDM), Montréal, QC