16 mm | color & sound | 2019 |11 min​.

cinematography, editing & sound design

Ralitsa Doncheva

sound mix

Mitchell Stafiej

DESERT ISLANDS follows a journey between the filmmaker and her father as they travel to the Black Sea in Bulgaria.

There are many roads in the film. They come in irregular shapes, pulsating in grainy textures and soft light, evoking a bodily experience: sensations rather than facts. Handheld camera motions shifting between analogue and digital processes. Palpable visions in a state of flux.

Desert Islands weaves in a spiral-like motion, drifting between places and memories, images and sounds that are as personal as they are collective, familiar yet distant. The film jumps upward and downward, and all around the past and the present, in pursuit of a connection. A point of encounter through the real and the imaginary, a father and a daughter.

If one were on a desert island, what would one bring? What, precisely, would one choose? "There is no light."

  © 2021 / Ralitsa Doncheva