© Ralitsa Doncheva

16 mm | color & sound | 2019 |11 min​.

cinematography, editing & sound design

Ralitsa Doncheva


sound mix

Mitchell Stafiej

“Dreaming of islands – whether with joy or in fear, it doesn’t matter – is dreaming of pulling away, of being separate, far from any continent, of being lost and alone – or is it dreaming of starting from scratch, recreating, beginning anew” (Deleuze, Desert Islands)

DESERT ISLANDS weaves through an imaginary journey between a fisherman and a daughter as they travel to the Black Sea. Drifting between places and memories, language and image, the film creates its own intimate architectures. A lonely spaceship, a childhood room, a cup of Turkish coffee. A space for dreaming and contemplation, an almost impossible world. 

  © 2021 / Ralitsa Doncheva 

Ralitsa Doncheva